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We are a leading consulting firm for strategic transformations and a trusted partner for our clients — and our employees. We think in terms of opportunities and outside the box. We love new technologies. And we are always on the lookout for new contributors to shape the world of tomorrow.


Responsible, high-performing, and always putting people first: As a long-standing "Great Place to Work", we combine a global, diverse environment with genuine interest in you and what matters to you.


Do you want to grow with us? Then become one of Wavestone Germany’s approximately 800 employees.


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Let's power your future together 

No matter how different our backgrounds are, we are united by our three corporate values: We act responsibly, are full of energy, and work together as a strong, cohesive team. Our biggest motivation? To always achieve sustainable and positive results, whether it’s for our clients, our environment, or our employees. This mindset is evident every day and in all facets of our work - in who we are, what we do, and what we think.

Who we are

With a pragmatic approach, mutual respect, and the highest quality standards: Together, we want to drive change with innovative solutions, from the business case to implementation. And we have around 6,000 employees from 17 countries worldwide to help us.

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What we do

The 360° portfolio of consulting services: We combine top-notch industry expertise with a wide range of cross-industry expertise, work across different disciplines, and think outside the box.




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What we think

In a time of upheaval, we face new challenges—and numerous opportunities—every day. Stay informed and get valuable insight into the topics and studies that influence us, today and tomorrow.


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Goodbye Stereotype. Hello You!

From the business case to the realization of your ideas: We support you in achieving your personal vision. We believe in employees who want to accomplish great things and work enthusiastically on their development. As a global company, we offer you a dynamic environment with a variety of opportunities. Whether you’re an expert or entrepreneur, at the start of your career or an experienced professional. At Wavestone, you’ll find numerous programs to help you realize your potential and carve your own path.


People are at the center of everything we do. That’s why our benefits are so important. From corporate benefits and a wide range of health and fitness offerings to individualized training and career models and flexible working hours.

Corporate benefits

Small but nice benefits: We offer you special discounts with well-known brands and providers.


Work — Life — Fun: We host numerous events for networking and celebration as a fundamental part of our culture.

Leadership culture

Respect, appreciation, and the utmost professionalism are the cornerstones of our Coaching & Leading leadership model. This ensures that your individual goals and Wavestone’s corporate goals are perfectly aligned.


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Career model

A tailor-made career means: Individual development opportunities where you set both the direction and the pace. As an expert or entrepreneur. Our PERSONAL GROWTH MODEL supports you in this.


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“Me” Time

We believe in a life outside of Wavestone too. Because we understand that our employees are people first, and consultants second. That’s why we offer flexible working hours, sabbatical opportunities, and of course, 30 days of vacation.

Mindfulness & health

Your well-being and health are important to us. For this reason, we offer more than just fresh fruit and water in the office. Our Mindfulness Community provides mindfulness training and regular discussion. And for those who enjoy sports, we offer sports and wellness partnerships, internal fitness groups, and much more.

Mobile work

Flexible, mobile working is part of our DNA. With our Mobile Work Policy, we provide the right framework for you. And with our offices, we offer attractive hubs for personal interaction.

Mobile work abroad

Working at your desk by day, and spending the evenings relaxing on the beach? Or joining your next Teams meeting while enjoying a view of the mountains? With Mobile Work Abroad, you can work up to 50 days a year abroad (in the EU, UK, NOR, ISL, LIE & CHE) under certain conditions.

Mobility kit

Custom and eco-friendly mobility. With a fixed monthly budget, we support your transportation needs. Whether it’s for private or professional use. And no matter the mode of transport: public transit, long-distance bus, train, scooter, or car-sharing. Attractive models for company bikes, BahnCard 100, or company cars complement our offer.

Training and development

Let’s grow together! In our Academy, we conduct over 200 training days per year on topics such as personal development, technical and consulting know-how, and leadership and sales skills. We also support certification courses for PMP, SCRUM, ITIL, or even part-time master’s or MBA programs.


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Senior Consultant, Insurance


“Mindfulness and consulting? Both are possible at Wavestone. Alongside my client project, I can focus on my passion project by designing training and workshops. Our Mindfulness Community is continuously growing and regularly discusses current topics.”

Associate Partner, Project Management Excellence


Why do I work at Wavestone? Over 20 years ago, I made a promise to myself: If I don’t have a smile on my face when I’m taking the subway to work in the morning, I’ll change my employer. I’m still smiling.”


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Your application at Wavestone

Our application process is streamlined, fast, and demanding, yet always personal. We don’t have any online assessments, entrance tests, or assessment centers.  We don't believe in stress interviews or brainteasers either. Our goal is to give you an authentic impression of Wavestone and get to know you as a person — your personality, your individual interests, and your strengths.

Online application

Submit your application with your résumé, certificates, and other documents. We would also appreciate information about your motivation, salary expectations, and possible start date. Willingness to travel for consulting activities is required.

Video or telephone interview

If we are satisfied with your application, we will hold a one-hour (video) telephone interview with the specialist department so that we can discuss expectations and ideas on both sides and to clarify questions.



If we both agree that we should get to know each other better, a more detailed interview with the department and HR will follow. Sometimes, a second interview is also conducted. In any case, the interviews are always about personal and professional dialog, including a consulting case related to Wavestone.


And if it’s a match for both sides? We’ll send you a concrete job offer. You can also have an informal "off the record" chat with a Wavestone employee from your future department. In this way, you'll gain even more insights in a relaxed atmosphere and get a firsthand understanding of the “everyday” consulting life at Wavestone.

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#Let’s Talk

Are you considering a career at Wavestone, but would prefer to have an informal and “off the record” chat with one of our consultants before officially applying? Simply reach out to our colleagues and learn firsthand what it means to be a part of Wavestone.


We look forward to talking with you.

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